Saturday, January 18, 2020

One Step Closer

This was the inspiration behind the wallpaper choice...

Laundry Room Makeover | Nesting with Grace | Explore this before and after mudroom with modern removable wallpaper, painted laminate floors, and gold hardware for a stylish new space! #laundryroom #makeover #mudroom 

  Unfortunately my paper is here and the nail holes have been spackled but I haven't been able to work on the room re-do.  My back decided it didn't like me anymore so I've been bound to the couch and bed the past few days.  Hopefully after a little rest and some meds. to help me I will be ready to roll (or should I say unroll) in a day or two.

I do love this paper and can't wait to see it all come together.  

Next decision...lighting.  Hope you will give me you input when I get my choices finalized.

Friday, January 17, 2020

They Had Me At Hello...

Forget a single rug gracing your front porch entryway...look how much fun you can have with layering them. 

Some people don’t like to search and shop so I did that for you.   You can sit and shop in your PJ’s while sipping your morning coffee.   If you see something you like you can shop it from the links provided below the pictures.  

Target had me at “Hello” when I saw this door mat on the shelf.  It’s priced right at under $13 but today it’s priced even better than that. It’s on sale for $9.09 but the sale ends today. Don’t worry they deliver so if you don’t live close or just don’t want to get out and go you can still get it.  Either way it’s a bargain for such a fun colorful rug.  I mean seriously...who wouldn’t want to wipe their feet on that pretty little thing. 

I wanted to do the layering thing but I wanted to do something a little different from other things I had seen.  I figured anything that bright and cheery needed a little something sassy to go under it and I knew leopard print was just what it needed. 

After a little internet searching I found one at a price I was ok with, this one was just a little over $25. For those who know me you know that anything left on my porch is apt to be destroyed by our sweet stray dog that found us several years ago.  For those who don’t know me let me just say he has destroyed cushions, plants, rugs (and yes I’m probably just adding another one for him to add to the list), packages left at the door and on and on...and to think we let him stay even after all of that.
The link is listed under the picture below. 

Leopard Rug from Rugs USA
As I was looking for the leopard print rug I came across this bright yellow one and it was priced so well that I couldn’t pass it up.   It’s on sale for $12.10 and it’s a hand hooked rug.  It is beautiful and it’s available in orange too. If you are looking for something bright and cheery you will love it. 
The link is listed under the picture below. 

Yellow Rug from Rugs USA

 Cursive Hello Rug From Target
Cursive Hello Rug From Target

If you are looking for the buffalo plaid rugs that are all the rage now here are some inexpensive ones from Amazon. The links to shop for them are included below the picture.  They are all under $20 and the black and white one is under $10...you can’t beat a deal like that!

Red Buffalo Plaid Rug
 This one has several different color combinations to choose from
Black Buffalo Plaid Rug 

Blue Buffalo Plaid Rug 

And of course you need a coco/coir mat to complete the layered look. If the teal hello mat isn’t for you here’s some options available from Amazon that can be delivered to your front door. 

Hello Mat

Home Sweet Home Mat

Hello Sunshine

If you see something you like let me know or if you have something you’re looking for let me know and I’ll see if I can help you find it. 

Wishing you a happy Friday!

~Jennifer ~

Monday, January 13, 2020

Bedroom Makeover and I Need Your Help

Help Me Choose a bed...please

So...My little boy (now 26) got married and left home almost three years ago.  In those three years I've been working on redoing his bedroom and let me assure you this is the most progress I have made in the process of changing it from his room to a guest room.  I started it once before and just couldn't decide what I wanted to do in there.

The navy and gray walls will soon be covered in a soft pink color (if I don't change my mind) and a fun geometric wall paper.  The wall paper pattern is a step out of the box for me but sometimes you need to branch out and try something different.  It's peel and stick so if for some reason I decide its not for me I can take it down easily...but I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it!

Paint color Romance by Sherwin Williams.

This is the wallpaper I chose to cover one wall as a focus wall.  You can get it here from Amazon or check out the other options they have available.
Tempaper Wallpaper

Now that I have my paint and wallpaper picked out I need your help with picking a bed.  Below are a few options that I found on Amazon as choices but I'm on the fence about which one is my favorite.  I have provided the links to them in case you see one you like for yourself or if you just want to know more about them so you can help me decide.
Bronze Gold pipe bed
Novogratz Gold bed
Zinus Ibidun Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed
Ashley Nashburg Black bed
Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze

Tell me what your favorite is and hopefully by the time the room is painted I will have a bed waiting to be set up in it.  

I guess the next decision will be what new light fixture do I install because that outer space looking thing is definitely coming out!  I'm sure I will be needing help deciding that as well so if you have ideas be ready to let me know what they are.


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Little Things Can Be Beautiful

Adding little touches with plants and vintage finds.

A string of pearls and an air plant may be just the plants that I need.  They are beautiful, fun and so far...knock on wood...I have managed to keep them alive and green.  Look how sweet they look tucked away in the vintage Coca-Cola crate I found at a local vendors mall.

My initial thought was to hang the crate in the laundry room when I redid it but that wasn't the most well thought thru idea.  It did manage to hang there for a few days but I guess you can tell it found a new home.

 It fits in perfect with the vintage crock jug, which belonged to my husbands grandmother and adds a little farmhouse feeling to the room. I'm glad it didn't work out in the laundry room because here I get to enjoy it everyday. 

Any plant lovers out there that can offer other plant suggestions that are low maintenance and easy to care for? 

~Happy Sunday~

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Snowflakes and Pom-Poms

A Little Winter Decorating on a Budget

I know for most everyone else you have probably taken down all of the Christmas decorations and have started to de-clutter and think ahead to Spring.  Just to be honest, I struggle with the de-cluttering thing so if you wanna sign up to help a girl out with that let me know but consider yourself warned.  I have a post in mind for later but I need to know that I'm in a judgement free zone here my friends.

I also just can't get in the groove of thinking about Spring yet...I mean seriously I need a good snow or two before I want to get to Spring mode.  How can you not beauty and serenity in a crisp, cold snow filled day when God decorate our world with a blanket of white?

I have taken down most of my Christmas decorations except for the few I overlooked and my giant snowflakes.  I just couldn't bring myself to not have a little something wintry around the house and after a little thought and a little luck with after Christmas sales I found just what I was looking for.

The green garland has since been replaced with a winter white frosty garland and easy to make pom-pom garland. I see pom-poms in so many home decor posts and they are super easy and inexpensive to make. All you need is a little yarn and the pom-pom makers that you can buy at Hobby Lobby and so many other places and you are set to go.

I got this pom-pom maker set at Hobby Lobby for under $10 after I used my 40% off coupon. I have used it many times and for many projects. My first project was this wreath and as you can see from the garland on the railing I keep on finding ways to put it to use.

The yarn that I used for the wreath and garland is Lion Brand Thick & Quick Bonus Bundle in the color Fisherman. It was inexpensive at $5.97 from Walmart and is apparently a hot item. I was unable to locate it online but did find it available through the app at a nearby location.

I do plan to change out my ribbon to a pretty black ticking instead of the red.

Amazon carries this but they were sold out as well. There are so many colors out there that would look great, this just happened to be the one that I found and loved.

After I took the green Christmas garland down from the railing everything just seemed so bare, cold and uninviting. I kept trying to figure out a way to add a little something to the area without making it feel Christmassy. I did a little after Christmas shopping at my favorite home store and lucked into some garland that I think works perfectly.

This white pinecone garland was the best find of the day from World Market and they were half off. They had four left in the store and that was just the right amount I needed...my lucky day! They do still have them available online and I think this frosty pinecone garland is perfect for winter decor. Maybe add it to the mantle if you don't have stair railing.

I added the pom-pom garland that I put together in just a couple of hours. I just felt that it needed a little something more to add texture, weight and a little color variation. And how about that adorable little snowman peaking out there at the bottom of the stairs?  He's just the right punch of color and whimsy and is one of my favorite gifts...Thanks sister cousin, you're the best!

Throw in these battery powered lights I had used at Christmas and you can add a little golden glow. I originally got the lights from Target but they are sold out. I did find some on EBay and I'm pretty sure they are the same price as what I paid in store. I just drop the battery pack down into the snowflake and turn them on and off as I want.

Of course, since I'm still wishing for snow, I thought MAYBE if I added a fun little Let It Snow banner then the snow might eventually make its way here. I knew Etsy would be exactly where I could find what I was looking for and after a little searching and much consideration about which one was the perfect one for me (they all were) I chose this one.

Here's a glimpse of how it looks at night...and yes that is still my tree sitting there waiting to be taken out. Its going to the pond where my kids and grand-kids like to fish so I need the hubby's help.

Time to move on to the room that has become the catch all room...wish me luck.

Happy Winter Sweet Friends!

PS...if you are wondering why I'm reposting its because somehow I deleted the first one so this is the redo...